To go or not to go to 12-step meetings with the Corona Virus?

Unless you’re living on an island without a phone, TV, and Internet, you’ve heard about the Corona Virus and are watching it work its way around the globe like the rest of us. The question that keeps coming up is, should I attend in-person 12 step meetings?

Well, the answer varies based on you and your circumstances.

People who should not go to in-person meetings with the Corona Virus spreading

If you are a senior and have an underlying health condition that would make getting sick very serious, do not go to in-person meetings. If you are not a senior, but you have an underlying health condition that would make getting sick very serious, do not go to in-person meetings. If you are seriously ill yourself or have the Corona Virus, do not go to in-person meetings.

Use online meetings like the ones provides, listen to speaker tapes, invite healthy people over to have a meeting in your home, get a meeting phone list, and make calls. There are plenty of ways to stay connected if you have to abstain from attending in-person meetings.

The people who should go to in-person meetings no matter what

If you are not a senior and you’re in good health, there is no reason to avoid meetings. Do what’s recommended and wash your hands, don’t touch other people, take Emergen-C (or whatever), and you should be fine. If you are in early recovery or need meetings to stay sober, go to meetings.

The reality is, if you are healthy, the Coronavirus won’t kill you. If you relapse, it might kill you, so weigh your options and make the smart choice. Obviously, everyone wants to stay safe, but we have a fear-based disease. Whether it’s Corona Virus, a drink, or money fears, the fears are going to find somewhere to go. Treating them with meetings is more important than leaning into the darkness and finding ourselves paranoid and alone.

People who should be responsible about meetings

If you are sick, be responsible. If you need to attend in-person meetings, now is the time to wear a mask and refrain from touching other people or coming too close. Sit in the back and don’t cough on people or hold hands.

Should you be a person in recovery with other issues, germophobe, HIV positive but healthy, etc. decide what’s going to stress you out more. If missing meetings is an unhealthy choice, then lather on that disinfectant and get yourself out there. If the thought of all those germs makes your head explode, go online and find the meetings you need for now.

Alcoholism and addiction are diseases of isolation, so if that’s a trigger for you, don’t isolate. Attend meetings as you regularly would and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. If you know someone who is struggling and can’t attend meetings, reach out to them to make sure they’re OK. We’re all in this together.